DesignRant’s Disclaimer

DesignRant is a growing blog site with contributors from around the world. Since consuming the content on our blog is 100% free, people often wonder how we keep our blog profitable.

This page is here to serve as a legal disclaimer, and as information for those of you that are interested.

Important: What is and Isn’t Associated With Us

To provide the utmost clarity on the subject, this statement intends to prevent individuals from reaching out to companies on behalf of DesignRant as a company, its creator, or its developers.

Anyone else claiming to be associated with DesignRant or using our reputation for personal/financial gain is in fact, as you might have guessed, not actually associated with us.

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We do not use other accounts and do not use other aliases on these social networks. For the purposes of reducing occurrences of this, an up to date list of all accounts associated with will be kept here.